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Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on June 17, 2010

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Watching With Your Eyes Closed

I just finished a new video for the sound collage The Dream Leaver last night (June 16 going on 17), which is track number six off of the new UFOverdriver album - A New American Prayer

The video is deliberately abstract in style to allow your imagination the freedom to remain active while listen/watching this piece.

Sound collages are, by nature, a “theater of the mind” experience, and making videos can interfere with that process in the long run… but we are a video oriented culture right now, and I’ll use all my tools to get the UFOverdriver messages out to the world…

With that in mind – feel free to close your eyes and just listen instead of watching the video if you like…

About The Dream Leaver

Some of the source material for this sound collage include the songs Dream Weaver by Gary Wright and God by John Lennon, which have been sampled and looped to create an interplay between the lyrics of the two songs while throwing in some extra sound clips to shape the collage.

FREE Download

After you enjoy the video, you can go download the entire album for FREE –

Why download? So you can burn your own CD, or remix it and add it to your special mix CDs you make for your friend, or put it on your iPod and listen to it while your go out running or exercising… and stuff like that.

Spin, Rinse and Repeat.


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