A New American Prayer


Flying Into The Mystery

After numerous late night flights at 72,000 feet of the UFOverdriver for the purpose of taking audiographic measurement of the subconscious weather over North America during the spring months of 2010, one human recordings is proud to present the composite audiograph (or sound collage) to document the flux density of this passage of time.

Here’s the equation for flux density:

\mathbf{J} = -i \frac{\hbar}{2m} \left(\psi^*  \nabla \psi - \psi  \nabla \psi^* \right). \,

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Track Listing

1. The Movie Will Begin In 5 Minutes – 3:11

2. I’m Just Sitting Here Watching The Wheels Go Round – 2:31

3. Riding The Bipolarcoaster (Helter Skelter) – 3:37

4. The Dream Machine – 4:06

5. Fishing With Jon – 1:20

6. The Dream Leaver – 5:06

7. Dance Upon Injustice – 8:54

8. These Songs Of Freedom – 6:02

9. Fearless In My Own Way – 6:39

10. The Ancient War And All The Myths Of The Ages – 3:42

11. In The Beginning Was The Word – 3:44

12. I Heard The Angel Of The Waters – 1:14

13. The Migration (Pack And Get Dressed) – 3:09

Release date: June 10, 2010

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CLICK HERE –  A_New_American_Prayer – 112 Mbs

Instructions for re-programming yourself for the future: Spin, Rinse and Repeat…