The Brothership Has Landed


The Brothership Has Landed

What happens when you cut-up and re-mix Pink Floyd’s classic 1977 album Animals with Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, David Byrne and Brian Eno,  DJ John Digweed and other musical slices along with a number of sound clips from the mass media and popular culture?

You get a snap shot of current and future events in the form of an epic sound collage by UFOverdriver called The Brothership Has Landed

This sound collage was constructed in 3 Acts between March 5th and March 17th, 2010 – and the completed piece contains 12 individual tracks, with a total length of nearly 44 minutes long.

Listen to the complete work (without gaps) – 43 Minutes and 38 Second…

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Or listen to the individual tracks…

Individual Track List

Act I – Change Has Come
Originally Released as Change Has Come – Parts I – III on March 7th, 2010

Track 1 – Part I – If You Didn’t Care - 1:27
Track 2 – Part IIOn This Day – 5:15
Track 3 – Part IIIOur Most Desperate Hour – 3:36

Act II – You’ve Got To Be Crazy
Originally Released as You’ve Got To Be Crazy – The Glenn Beck VS Eric Massa Mix – March 12th, 2010

Track 4 – Part I Three Kinds of Characters – 1:13
Track 5 – Part IIYou’ve Got To Be Crazy (Part I) – Diamond Dogs Dance Mix – 5:26
Track 6 – Part IIIWhat Part of Mea Culpa Don’t You Understand? – 4:29
Track 7 – Part IVYou’ve Got To be Crazy (Part II) – 3:39
Track 8 – Part V Who Was Trained Not To Spit – 1:55

Act III – Tear Down The Wall
Originally Released as Visions of The Apocalypse – The Raving and Drooling Mix – March 16th, 2010

Track 9 – Part I A Major Speech – 4:13
Track 10 – Part IIRevolution or Evolution #9 – 5:08
Track 11 – Part III A Dream Of The Earth As It Will Be… – 5:22
Track 12 – Part IVThis Land is Yours – 1:54


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I will be posting links to the various bits of source material very soon, but right now I am completely exhausted from this journey of creation and must rest now…