Good Morning Jon – The Resurrection 2010 Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on April 4, 2010


Listen to this sound collage

Length: 30:55

Song List

1. Intro – Fishing with Jon – 1:20 – NEW on 4.4.2010
2. Dream Leaver – Instant Karma Mix – 5:06 – Released 3.30.2010
3. Dance Upon injustice – The Calling Down Mix – 8:56 – Released 4.2.2010
4. These Songs of Freedom – The King Mix – 6:02 – Released 4.3.2010
5. Fearless In My Own Way – The How Long? Mix – 6:46 – NEW on 4.4.2010

6. Bonus Track – Good Morning John by Kris Kristofferson – 2:50

Download All Tracks

68mb zip file containing MP3 files all 6 tracks –

About the song “Good Morning John”

My friend Pete included this song (Good Morning John by Kris Kristofferson) on a music playlist a couple of months ago, and it really got under my skin – in a good way – and during this last month it evolved into this sound collage – Thanks Pete!

Kris Kristofferson originally wrote this song about Johnny Cash’s struggles with addiction for a sobriety party in the 1970s. He explained to Billboard magazine: “Everyone was supposed to say something inspirational, so I wrote a song. I tried to record this once before with Willie Nelson and my band. When I sang the chorus, they echoed me when I would sing ‘Good morning John.’ When I got to the line that said ‘I love you John,’ Willie said ‘He loves you John’ and we all cracked up laughing. We never finished it, so I finished it myself.”


Enjoy, reflect and pass it on!


Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on April 2, 2010

Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

A Special Good Friday Mix

I just finished remixing (at 3:30am) the piece I did a couple of weeks ago called Dance Upon Injustice – Glenn Beck VS Jesus

I removed all the politics and created a new sound collage which addresses different ideas:

  • Inviting Elijah (a passover theme)
  • Jesus on the cross (a Christian Good Friday theme)
  • Psalm 79 (a passover theme, calling for Elijah – read in Hebrew)
  • Psalm 37 (my personal Psalm – read in Hebrew)
  • Calling down the Holy Spirit

… all layered over this cut-and-paste-remix of a liveDelirious? track from the mid-90’s.

Quite a Good Friday mix of ideas.

Enjoy, reflect and pass it on…