Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on April 2, 2010

Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

A Special Good Friday Mix

I just finished remixing (at 3:30am) the piece I did a couple of weeks ago called Dance Upon Injustice – Glenn Beck VS Jesus

I removed all the politics and created a new sound collage which addresses different ideas:

  • Inviting Elijah (a passover theme)
  • Jesus on the cross (a Christian Good Friday theme)
  • Psalm 79 (a passover theme, calling for Elijah – read in Hebrew)
  • Psalm 37 (my personal Psalm – read in Hebrew)
  • Calling down the Holy Spirit

… all layered over this cut-and-paste-remix of a liveDelirious? track from the mid-90’s.

Quite a Good Friday mix of ideas.

Enjoy, reflect and pass it on…