Rule Number Two

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on November 30, 2010

Here’s the latest podcast from UFOverdriver – a sound collage about Wikileak’s release of over 250,000 confidential and secret U.S. State Department diplomatic cables to major news organizations around the world…

Rule Number Two Will Be Told To You In Reverse – The Wikileaks Mix (3:48)

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In case you’re not familiar with this story about “Cablegate” from Wikileaks, here’s a bit of info:

WikiLeaks’ Cablegate, the latest dump of confidential documents by WikiLeaks, has the website prominently in the news again this week. (Scroll down for live updates.)

WikiLeaks released 250,000 secret State Department documents on Sunday, including cables related to Iran and its nuclear program, leading to numerous reactions.

HuffPost’s Sam Stein reports that the Obama administration is not ruling out taking legal action against WikiLeaks after the online site’s latest leak. In July, WikiLeaks released more than 90,000 Afghan war logs. Iraq war logs were released last month. WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange says the next dump will target a U.S. megabank.


You can follow the story here on the Huffington Post (a whole page of ever-changing stories about this situation) –

Also – here’s the link to the Wikileaks website:

About This Mix

Some of the material used in this sound collage (including the title) comes from an audio-cassette invitation to a party created by my friends Brian Maul, Kirk Jones (the voice saying “Rule number two will be told to you in reverse”) and Philip May back in the early 1990’s. You can hear the complete invitation here (it’s about 30 minutes long and quite amazing…)

The drum loops came from the Acid Loops Universal Groove Elements, but I altered them somewhat… in the background are some strange loops from something I recorded in June of 1990, and there’s also some organ playing in there that I recorded last night for this collage.

Enjoy the mix!