Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on April 2, 2010

Dance Upon Injustice – The Calling Down Mix

A Special Good Friday Mix

I just finished remixing (at 3:30am) the piece I did a couple of weeks ago called Dance Upon Injustice – Glenn Beck VS Jesus

I removed all the politics and created a new sound collage which addresses different ideas:

  • Inviting Elijah (a passover theme)
  • Jesus on the cross (a Christian Good Friday theme)
  • Psalm 79 (a passover theme, calling for Elijah – read in Hebrew)
  • Psalm 37 (my personal Psalm – read in Hebrew)
  • Calling down the Holy Spirit

… all layered over this cut-and-paste-remix of a liveDelirious? track from the mid-90’s.

Quite a Good Friday mix of ideas.

Enjoy, reflect and pass it on…


Dream Leaver – Instant Karma Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on March 30, 2010


Here’s the latest release from UFOverdriver

Dream Leaver – Instant Karma Mix

Length: 5:37 of ear candy…

About This Sound Collage

The source material for this sound collage includes Gary Wright’s mid-70’s hit Dreamweaver, two of John Lennon’s songs – Instant Karma and God, and another piece from movie Network.

The idea or thread that runs through this piece – “ceasing to believe what you believe, so you can believe again…”

Enjoy, reflect and pass it on.


The Brothership Has Landed

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on March 18, 2010


The Brothership Has Landed

What happens when you cut-up and re-mix Pink Floyd’s classic 1977 album Animals with Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, David Byrne and Brian Eno,  DJ John Digweed and other musical slices along with a number of sound clips from the mass media and popular culture?

You get a snap shot of current events in the form of an epic sound collage by UFOverdriver called The Brothership Has Landed… (note: the working title for this project was Weapons of Mass Communication – that got changed…)

This sound collage was constructed in 3 Acts between March 5th and March 17th, 2010 – and the completed piece contains 12 individual tracks, with a total length of nearly 44 minutes long.

Listen to the complete work – 43 Minutes and 38 Second…

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FREE MP3 Download!

Download the complete album – Zip file containing 12 high quality MP3 files ready for your iPod or other audio device (zip file also contains album art work)

CLICK HERE – – 98 Mbs

Individual Track List

Act I – Change Has Come
Originally Released as Change Has Come – Parts I – III on March 7th, 2010

Track 1 – Part I – If You Didn’t Care - 1:27

Track 2Part IIOn This Day – 5:15

Track 3Part IIIOur Most Desperate Hour – 3:36

Act II – You’ve Got To Be Crazy
Originally Released as You’ve Got To Be Crazy – The Glenn Beck VS Eric Massa Mix – March 12th, 2010

Track 4Part I Three Kinds of Characters – 1:13

Track 5Part IIYou’ve Got To Be Crazy (Part I) – Diamond Dogs Dance Mix – 5:26

Track 6Part IIIWhat Part of Mea Culpa Don’t You Understand? – 4:29

Track 7Part IVYou’ve Got To be Crazy (Part II) – 3:39

Track 8Part V Who Was Trained Not To Spit – 1:55

Act III – Tear Down The Wall
Originally Released as Visions of The Apocalypse – The Raving and Drooling Mix – March 16th, 2010

Track 9Part I A Major Speech – 4:13

Track 10Part IIRevolution or Evolution #9 – 5:08

Track 11Part III A Dream Of The Earth As It Will Be… – 5:22

Track 12Part IVThis Land is Yours – 1:54

I will be posting links to the various bits of source material very soon, but right now I am completely exhausted from this journey of creation and must rest now…