Grand Deception Star

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on June 29, 2012

Documenting the deteriorating connection between truth and reality in these times…

About This Sound Collage Collection

UFOverdriver began creating sound collages in early 2010, and throughout that year released two different digital albums and a number of digital EPs and several collaborative projects.

Since April of 2011, UFOverdriver has limited it’s releases to a small number of digital EPs and single track recordings (you can find all those on the UFOverdriver BandCamp Site), capturing the various impulses from the collective consciousness, and my own impressions on this moment we’re living through – yesterday, today and tomorrow…

Grand Deception Star is a collection of selected sound collages from April 2011 through May of 2012, and though previously released on their own, make a complete vision when grouped together.

Grand Deception Star

Some people would say, without a doubt, our country (U.S.A.) has accelerated it’s long move towards manifesting the dsytopian dream of some very secretive individuals and groups.

Through the use of the mainstream media, political manipulations, financial control of the banks and monetary policies, the military industrial complex, the private prison industry and an innumerable amount of deception and lying, these people have created a world of illusion and misinformation that fools many people into believing what they’re told is the true reality.

But it’s not reality – it’s just a grand deception star that’s so bright and luminous, so all encompassing, it obscures the truth and illuminates the lies as reality.

“Exposure to true information does not matter anymore…” (taken from a video of an “ex-KGB agent”…)

This sound collage captures a small piece of this dystopian change, chaos and confusion.

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Track Listing

  1. Transcendence Happening Here – The Earthquake and Tsunami Dream
    April 28, 2011 – 06:57
  2. This Land Is Your DreamWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.1
    November 20, 2011– 02:32
  3. Life Is But A DreamWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.2
    November 20, 2011 – 02:52
  4. The Old World Order Defense ScreenWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.3
    November 20, 2011 – 01:18
  5. The Highway Is A Riot Tonight - We Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.4
    November 20, 2011 – 02:36
  6. Has Anybody Seen Sam Lowry? The Seven Curses Mix
    February 20, 2012 – 09:57
  7. Make Today The Day
    May 28, 2012 – 03:24


Track By Track

Track 1 – Transcendence Happening Here – The Earthquake and Tsunami Dream

Released on April 28, 2011
Length: 06:57

This sound collage is built around samples from the Buffalo Springfield classic – “For What It’s Worth”.

The piece takes the form of a dream of an earthquake followed by a tsunami and uses sound clips from audio recordings of the sound of the March 2011 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan.

Track 2 – This Land Is Your DreamWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.1

Released on November 20, 2011
Length: 02:32

UFOvedriver echos the voices of the 99% in a track that includes “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, the “Put A Bird On It” skit by Portlandia, sound clips from the movie “Ship of Fools” and more…

This track and the next three are from a sound collage EP called “We Can Turn It Upside Down” and the complete group was inspired by the actions of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Track 3 -Life Is But A DreamWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.2

Released on November 20, 2011
Length: 02:52

This track includes samples from “Exquisite Corpse” by Bauhaus, “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Bruce Springsteen, “Mysticism” by Evelyn Underhill, quotes from Alan Watts and other audio material…

Also, the voice at the beginning of this track comes from a video by this cool couple that has built their own small house to travel in – here’s a link:

Track 4 -The Old World Order Defense ScreenWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.3

Released on November 20, 2011
Length: 01:18

This track includes a man raving at a shopping mall, lots of typewriter sounds and Alan Watts pontificating…

Track 5 – The Highway Is A Riot TonightWe Can Turn It Upside Down Pt.4

Released on November 20, 2011
Length: 02:36

This track includes audio from the fall of 2011 police crackdowns on Occupy Davis and Occupy Oakland, samples from “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Bruce Springsteen, quotes from Alan Watts and other audio material…

Track 6 – Has Anybody Seen Sam Lowry? The Seven Curses Mix

Released on February 20, 2012
Length: 09:57

The title of this track comes from a quote in the epic dystopian movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam and uses various sound clips from that film.

When Obama signed the NDAA on New Year’s Eve, 2011 and opened the door to indefinite military detention from American citizens, we slipped further into the gravity of the Grand Deception Star…

After laying down “seven curses on a judge so cruel”, this track goes into the collective unconscious, wondering – Dreams, Choices, Decision, Stories… how does the world come into existence?

There is a long monologue during this sound collage – it comes from the opening scene of the classic stream-of-consciousness movie Slacker by Richard Linklater while riding in a cab from the bus station to the next scene in the movie.

Track 7 – Make Today The Day

Released on May 28, 2012
Length: 03:24

This track brings us into the heart of the Grand Deception Star -

“Politics is weird… and creepy, and now I know it lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality…” – Shep Smith

Using sound clips, atmospheric loops, video footage shot in Joshua Tree, along with the usual UFOverdriver blend of dreams, the sub-conscious, and the everyday, this sound collage visualscape from UFOverdriver takes a ride through the desert in that strange zone between the blue pill and the red pill, the real and the super-real.

“Exposure to true information does not matter anymore…”

“We talked through the air in those days… thousands and thousands of miles…”

Watch the video for Make Today The Day



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Don’t want to invest in a CD and have that exciting time of waiting for a new CD to arrive in the mail? Don’t worry, you can download this complete album for free – that’s right – FREE! (Until further notice, of course)

Either visit our BandCamp site and download it in a number of different high-quality audio formats (limited quantities available), or click the link below, and download all seven tracks of high-quality MP3s, complete with album art in a zip file (91 MB) – ready to drop in your iTunes (or whatever MP3 music player you use) and enjoy – instant gratification.

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The Heavy Metal Apocalypse of the War Pigs Machine

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on January 20, 2011

Note From The Captain

This sound collage was created during the week before the tragic shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona on the 8th of January, 2011. While creating this collage I could feel the violence in the air… My condolences go out to the victims of this senseless violence and  to their families, indeed, to all Americans who feel the loss caused by this terrible action.

Making Sound Collages

Most of my sound collages contain stories (actually, the same story told over and over again) told in vague and ambiguous ways with lots of blurry edges between the ideas.

I am telling this story and presenting these visions which can only be completed by the listener. Every listener brings their own mental filters to the listening experience.

My hope is each listener will develop their own view of the stories I am telling, understanding that there are many layers of thoughts embedded in these collages

Sometimes the UFOverdriver finds itself in the midst of a strange story – like some vision of sound or an audio dream of somewhere and somewhat familiar… and this is one of those times.

WARNING: This sound collage contains the sounds of gunfire and simulated war, as well as 1970’s era rock and roll music. It’s heavy man.

Track Information

Track 1 (0:34) Station Identification (this is a universal frequency broadcast)

Track 2 (0:30) Sweet Belief (yes you can)

Track 3 (1:08) Billion Dollar Babies (spray cans join the hype machine)

Track 4 (1:54) In The Middle Without Any Plans (machines are machines are machines)

Track 5 (2:03) I’m Going Through Changes (I’m a boy and I’m a man)

Track 6 (0:53) The War Pigs In The Wings (plans? we’ve got plans)

Track 7 (1:41) The War Pig Machine Keeps Turning (one ring to rule them all)

Track 8 (1:30) Overwhelming Mayhem Pig Feed (the spray can jams the machine)

Track 9 (2:46) The Hand of God Has Struck The Hour (the little hand is on the twelve, and the big hand is around your vote)

Track 10 (3:51) You Won’t Fool The Children of the Revolution (the spray can army)

Track 11 (3:49) Waiting For Mr. Blue Skies (I, Jon, heard and saw these things; visions of the brothership)

Track 12 (1:28) War For The Sake of Peace (what are we fighting for?)

Track 13 (0:59) Thirteen O’Clock (the hour of harvest)


Flying Into The Vision: the story told as a prose poem

This sound collage unfolds like a dream revealing the story of a revolution, of spray cans fighting the war pigs machine in a fury of mayhem, where war is waged in the name of peace, and of a moment in time when the Blue Katchina arrives to dance and City of God arrives for the great harvest hour.

In this dream I woke up aboard the UFOverdriver, as it was levitating towards cruising altitude, preparing to send out it’s audio transmissions.

The UFOverdriver is filled with sweet leaf and sweet belief – pipe dreams of smoke and hope – a dream within the dream begins…

I looked around me and saw armies of the new generation selling out their lives to the big machines, the money machines, the hype machines… shook-up and used up like so many discarded spray cans.

I looked and I saw a massive a life-like vision of endlessly recycled attempts to re-live that long lost moment of something important.

At the top the President recycles his advisers and begins to make his prearranged run for re-election, and I see a man in the grips of middle-age flounder without any plans.

From somewhere, the UFOverdriver picks up the following signal:

“Is it possible that the story can actually end very badly? I mean, who knew?

Who knew that the reigns of power were held by so many and yet so few? Who knew that all of this actually matters? Who knew that boys had to finally become men? I’m going through changes, and fighting it tooth and nail.

But plans – heck, I don’t even have a clue.”

And then I heard the sounds of grunting pigs, the voices of the war pigs speaking;

“Hey kid – need a plan? How about another hit of massive mayhem – right in the main line. Makes the daily grind of running the world a bit easier. No really – the first one is on me…”

And they continued, “what – that first hit wasn’t enough? Sure kid, I got what you need. Guns, missiles, bombs, tear gas, helicopters, drone planes – just what you need. Yeah, that’s the stuff. I’ll give it to you straight – and in large doses. You’re a man, you can handle it.”

Meanwhile, a generation of spray cans turns it’s back on the machines and begins to shut them down in simple ways, with spray paint on walls and numerous acts of jamming the machine system.

Revolutions always have so many innocents, so many people that find themselves in the middle – Who knew the pig machines ran so many things and provided so much stuff? Do I really have to give that up? Can I half-revolution? Like, maybe on the weekends…?

And by the next day everyone had moved on to something else.

Meanwhile the spray can army is making up slogans to paint on walls;

“Don’t trust anyone who makes over $30,000 a year.”

“Your bump and grind isn’t fooling the children of the revelation.”

“This spray can fires bullets.”

And then I had a dream of a vision within a vision – and I saw the Brothership landing like a Blue Katchina dream… and then we were gone.

Meanwhile on earth the Great War rages on towards it’s endless futility.

And then I heard a clock strike thirteen times, and the great harvest began.


Material Used and Sample Credits

Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Baby (from Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits)

Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen (from Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits)

Black Sabbath – Changes (from Black Sabbath, Vol. 4)

Black Sabbath – War Pigs (from We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll)

Marc Bolan and T-Rex – Children of the Revolution (from Twentieth Century Boy; The Ultimate Collection)

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – Mr. Blue Skies (from Out of the Blue)

Johnny Cash – Excerpts from Revelation 10, 21 and 22 (from Johnny Cash Reads The New Testament)

Paranoid Films – Intro Logo Sounds (from Exit Through The Gift Shop)

Sound Effects CDs – Various Sound FX (from Fun With Sound Effects Vol. 1-4)


The Christmas Spirit 2010 – The Fan Club Mix

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on December 24, 2010

Here’s a Christmas treat for all UFOverdriver fans (and everyone who considers themselves a member of the unofficial UFOverdriver Fan Club.)

Thank You Everyone

Thank you to everyone who has sent me their comments, passed along their compliments, told me how much they enjoyed the work, etc. over this last year.

I would also like to thank the people who collaborated with me on UFOverdriver, Thomas Jackson Park and Louie Hebert – you both helped me expand my vision and ideas.

And a special thanks to Tania, because without you there would be no music for me, and to our friend Noel – your faith in my work is like fuel.

UFOverdriver – Year One

UFOverdriver has become, for me, a valuable outlet for the collage of ideas that run around my head, for all my musical DJ moments, as a way to express the poetic arts and as a way to travel deeper into the great, universal subconsciousness.

Throughout the year I’ve been referring to the UFOverdriver as a ship, a vessel rather than a music venture or a band. Working inside this metaphor has allowed me incredible freedom with this project and created an artist space that can not be seen, but exists only when the UFOverdriver is in motion and sound collages are being created to record the moment.

Christmas is going to bring a few equipment upgrades to the UFOverdriver as my Christmas gift money gets invested into this ship. I was thinking a Tesla Sonic Inducer would be a nice addition, along with a Tesla Anti-Gravity Acoustic Wireless Thought Projector. I just might have enough for that if I can get them on sale after Christmas…

Needless to say, 2011 should be interesting. I’ll see you there.

Enjoy the mix!

About This Sound Collage

Created and Mixed between December 21-23, 2010 – released December 24, 2010

This special single includes samples from Johnny Cash, Lou Rawls, Charlie Brown, Linus, more Johnny Cash and some Brian Eno ambiance called “Deep Blue Day” which sounds a lot like The Little Drummer Boy (my favorite Christmas song when I was kid) and pieces from The Beatles various Christmas fan club albums.

Extra sounds in this collage includes shopping malls, checkout-stand noises and other oddities of Christmas.