A New American Prayer

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on June 12, 2010

UFOverdriver - A New American Prayer

Flying Into The Mystery

After numerous late night flights at 72,000 feet of the UFOverdriver for the purpose of taking audiographic measurement of the subconscious weather over North America during the spring months of 2010, one human recordings is proud to present the composite audiograph (or sound collage) to document the flux density of this passage of time.

Does that seem a bit confusing? Well, this is how I commented on the process on my onehumanbeing.com website:

Today is June 2, 2010 – and the second day of my lamentations for America… my soul is crying. Weeping and wailing and throwing ashes on my head (figuratively speaking) – so sad.

I have been working on some sound collages for the last couple of night, ever since we returned from camping in the desert… the working title is New American Prayers


…a variety of pieces based on, or inspired by, the album by Jim Morrison and The Doors called An American Prayer.

This project is not the source of my lamentations, only an expression, and not nearly adequate yet…

Eight days later I released this album… retitled A New American Prayer

What Will I Find In This Sound Collage?

This album of sound collages is a much more personal than the first two releases from UFOverdriver. Recorded during several different sessions over several months of the Spring of 2010, a variety of threads are gathered together and woven into this snapshot of my thoughts and visions of this moment in time.

On this album I draw from my experience with Bipolar Disorder, my spiritual visions, dreams, inspirations, revelations, my beliefs in social justice, and my continuing explorations of Jungian thinking…

Instructions for re-programming yourself for the future: Spin, Rinse and Repeat…


Listen To The Complete Mix Of
A New American Prayer

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Track Listing

  1. The Movie Will Begin In 5 Minutes – 3:11

  2. I’m Just Sitting Here Watching The Wheels Go Round – 2:31

  3. Riding The Bipolarcoaster (Helter Skelter) – 3:37

  4. The Dream Machine – 4:06

  5. Fishing With Jon – 1:20

  6. The Dream Leaver – 5:06

  7. Dance Upon Injustice – 8:54

  8. These Songs Of Freedom – 6:02

  9. Fearless In My Own Way – 6:39

  10. The Ancient War And All The Myths Of The Ages – 3:42

  11. In The Beginning Was The Word – 3:44

  12. I Heard The Angel Of The Waters – 1:14

  13. The Migration (Pack And Get Dressed) – 3:09

Release date: June 10, 2010

Listen to Individual Tracks Here

Download Complete Album

Download the complete album – Zip file containing 13 high quality MP3 files ready for your iPod or other audio device (zip file also contains album art work)

CLICK HERE –  A_New_American_Prayer – 112 Mbs



Riding The Bipolarcoaster

Posted by Jon, onehumanbeing on April 27, 2010

Listen to this sound collage…


About the Bipolarcoaster

Imagine a roller coaster ride that you could never get off of – everything you do has to be done while the roller coaster goes round and round again… that’s how I live my life.

The cycles I experience living with bipolar disorder (what used to be called manic depression) range from highs called hypo-mania to very deep lows of depression.

These cycles can happen very quickly for me –  from low to high and back to low again in a week or so. But these cycles happen inside other cycles which happen inside other cycles, and so on – so I can have low/high/lows or low/low/highs or any other combination of lows and highs.

Even though bipolar disorder is called a mood disorder, I think of it as a mind/thought wave frequency phenomenon of some kind, based on my on experience. Imagine it as a constantly changing radio dial picking up different intuitive frequencies that causes the brain to process information from different perspectives.

Instead of having your brain working steady on a regular frequency – what we call normal – creating a rather homogeneous personal identity, the bipolar mind has to encompass a larger range of experiences into a single personal identity.

This sound collage tries to capture a small bit of the larger, nonstop, relentless nature of this experience which dominates my life in many ways…

Something I’ve been thinking a lot this last week while going through a very bad depression and working on this collage – “Making art is easy, it’s being an artist that’s hard…”

Source Material

This sound collage includes samples and loops from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Daniel Lanois, along with various roller coaster sounds…

  • John LennonWatching The Wheels
  • Bob DylanUp To Me, If Not for You
  • The BeatlesHelter Skelter
  • Jimi HendrixManic Depression
  • Daniel LanoisI Love You

Note: As soon as I can find the information I had about the roller coaster sounds, I’ll post those here too…

Until next time, best of health…